Self Doubt


In response to an article is the most rewarding for a life coach because you know you have reached those who acknowledge that their lives could be better and that they are determined to improve same. A woman who contacted me said she lost a senior position due to her hesitancy to make decisive decisions because of self-confidence problems. This, according to her has set her back for many years, because she has worked day and night for the promotion. This should have never happened if she has contacted me to help her with her decision making ability. Lives and careers are destroyed because we are hesitant to acknowledge our problem because we believe that society will think less of us. Do not let it happen to you whether you are a CEO of a company or Mr Joe in the street. There are always help and those who believe to get assistance are always better of. Your are not psychologically ill or need a psychologist if you have normal self-confidence, bad self-image or self-worth problems. Millions of so-called normal people have the problem. Those who hide it suffers, but those who acknowledge same improve their lives dramatically. Be one of many to do so.