Our world today is advancing so quickly that some of us cannot keep up with the new. I there commence with an affiliate program to assist you out there to get hold of whatever you need. This make it easier to look at before you buy and with your assistance I can get whatever you need if you advise me of your needs. I have tied up with proponent companies all over the world and is therefore able to obtain what you need. This includes clothing for men woman children for all occasions, household essentials, car parts, bicycle, baby attire and whatever you need

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To improve knowledge, help yourself or to enjoy a nice fictional story eBooks are there for this purpose and it is easy , cheap, easy obtainable and there is no topic which cannot be found. In my life coaching consultancy I make use of self help eBooks to assist my customers to help themselves while they are not with me. Books are the source of knowledge which sometimes is difficult to obtain. With the introducing of eBooks the world of knowledge and enjoyment became much easier. Most of us who are keen students of knowledge it became much cheaper to get hold of an eBook than hard copies. Sometimes one just need info on a specific topic and then an eBook on that topic is available. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a hard copy which contains detail you do not require. The picture below gives an indication of what I can provide. Any topic or info required I will provide. If i cannot get hold of it I will get someone to write it for you.

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You want to be your own woman not dependent on men?

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It is time to relegate women from being inferior to men to be equal to men. Women over the ages have been ridiculed men as an object to be used and then throw away like trash. Those times are gone because I am creating a women’s academy where I make women aware of their importance and lift them up to take their rightful place next to any man. Women are emotionally superior to man and it has been scientifically proven that woman has a higher emotional intelligence than men. It only is due to the sexist approach by men that women still have to fight for their rightful place in this world. My academy will equipped women at all levels to rise to any occasion and prove their equality to men to the world. I am writing a series of articles about women on my Facebook page and I want women in their numbers to assist me to upgrade their status beyond a shadow of doubt that their equality to men is real.

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From the dawn of mankind women have been enslaved by men. The Christians have used what was written in the bible that the woman should be under man and serve man and other nations have seen woman as pleasing the man. This abuse has led to untold atrocities against women of which are too gruesome to highlight again. The most beautiful creation of God was trampled upon and use by men a a pleasure tool. Today it has been proven that women’s emotional intelligence is higher than that of men which entails that women has a greater capacity to endure the onslaught of life on humans. When men leave women with children and ran off women have the capacity to survive. Man normally falls apart if his woman leaves him as a partner. It has also been proven that certain woman has more respect for life than men and it has been said that if women were to rule the world there would have been less destruction. Men as hunters always look for better and more destructive weapons to force their superior attitude over others. Woman are better negotiators and endeavor to resolve problems by negotiating and communication. Look at the unions in South Africa they only know strikes to get what they want instead of communication and negotiation. They tell you they negotiate but they only demand. Look at the east versus the west it is a continuous armrest-ling match for superiority. A very few men have the ability to raise children on their own while millions of woman do that as a matter of course. In the animal kingdom you find woman in certain circumstances leading the pack like elephants and their is piece among them as long as they are not in danger. Many nations and peoples are realizing that they must put more woman in power and the world will be a better place because woman wants to preserve while men wants to destroy.

I trust to bring you another article about women. Enjoy them while you can because they are very special and precious. To our women!