It is time to relegate women from being inferior to men to be equal to men. Women over the ages have been ridiculed men as an object to be used and then throw away like trash. Those times are gone because I am creating a women’s academy where I make women aware of their importance and lift them up to take their rightful place next to any man. Women are emotionally superior to man and it has been scientifically proven that woman has a higher emotional intelligence than men. It only is due to the sexist approach by men that women still have to fight for their rightful place in this world. My academy will equipped women at all levels to rise to any occasion and prove their equality to men to the world. I am writing a series of articles about women on my Facebook page and I want women in their numbers to assist me to upgrade their status beyond a shadow of doubt that their equality to men is real.

Look at my series on Facebook and let me know if you are interested in the academy because it will change your life for ever

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