What is faith? There are so many faiths in the world that it is totally impossible to tell which are which. That is why most of us belong to one faith and hope for the best. Hope for the best is all we can do because we have not control over our faith. We are born into a certain faith and some of us remain there for the rest of our lives. Some change their faith because of marriage, friends or because they believe the faith which they belong too is not correct and they are persuaded to change their faith to one which they belong is better for them. Faith is therefore a man thing and not a God thing as some of us believe. If it was a God thing then there would be only one faith. This entails that no faith is the correct one only the one we believe in is correct for us. Yet we are very quick to criticize the faith of others as if our faith is the only correct one. Why is our faith so important to us? Every human being. except for the atheist, who believes their is no higher power. needs to belong to an higher power. Some of us fear what will happen to us when we die and the so called hell is waiting for us. Others are afraid if they do not belong to an higher power their lives will be affected negatively. However none of us can declare that we are immune to the negative side of life. The Christians and so many other beliefs tell them that God will only give them the good in life and yet they cannot understand why and nor can they explain why the negative comes their way. I have over forty years done research which took me to virtually every religion on earth. I have spoke to the Hindus, Romans, Christians, Buddhists , Moslem and every other belief you can find and one thing became clear namely that we all serve God the almighty in one form or another. So I can declare without a doubt there is not one religion that is the correct one. They are all different in approach but the final aim is to serve God the almighty. There is no person on earth that can claim his or her religion is the only correct one. Jesus when on earth said, i have come for all peoples not only for the Jews. That brings me to the next question namely who is God really and how does He looks. Most of us have a fatherly figure in mind when we think of God. However that stem from Jesus who was on earth with a human body and looks. This is totally divorced from the truth because when Jesus went to the father he became spirit not human. All the normal personalities who went to heaven without going through the death process went to heaven as spirit not as humans. The human body as declared by Jesus is body and spirit. The body returns to dust as the perishable and the spirit as the imperishable goes to the universe which is believed heaven. Taken this as the foundation our spirit is not touchable. cannot be seen but we are aware run our lives. To run our lives there has to be energy involved and that energy is our spirit. The whole universe as already proven by scientist consists of energy. Every living and non living thing on earth and in the heavens consist of energy. Energy is the most versatile force in the universe and can change into anything. It is everywhere and nothing can happen without energy present. The cosmos and the universe contains of energy and within it things are created and destroyed. Energy is the main source of anything in the universe and after all these years and two interventions from above I came to the conclusion that noting happens in this world or in the universe which is not driven by energy. To get back to the concept of God I am therefore convinced that God is the energy Source of the universe. How can God be everywhere at one moment at the same time? How does He knows your and my movements at the same time every moment of the day.?How can He control every happening in the universe and on earth the same time? How is it possible that he knows everything that happens every moment of the day and night all over the universe at the same time? Jesus declared I am part of God and so are you and if you die you return to the father as part of Him. This is possible if we are energy and God is the Energy Source. We can return to the main source after death as energy because our spirits are energy. Look at a circle and see that as the energy source and everything that happens in that circle is visible within the circle, and can be controlled within that circle. God as the Source are therefor not a man or woman or any ONE unit in the universe but He as the Source are the universe and everything within it. Energy has creative powers and destructive powers and that describes God. The closes faith in my experience to accept my theory is the Buddhists faith because they believe in the energy theory. That is why they have developed powers to loosen themselves to earth’s gravity. healing with hands and many other issues related to energy. Jesus healed the sick by laying of hands controlling the energy in their bodies. Our bodies consist of balanced energy and if the balance is disturbed we develop a sickness where the body is out of balance. Jesus just unblocked the energy flow and the body is healed. Jesus said to his disciples you would be able to do the same as I did and even more if you just believe. What he meant by if you just believe is not to believe in him but to believe God had given them the same powers as Jesus because we are part of Him as was Jesus. You have to discover your spirit and if you are able to do that you can exercise the powers He has given you. To doubt the people who has discovered their spirit is to doubt that the disciples could heal bodies and it is written they did.

,Much of what I have learnt over the forty years of research and two interventions from above I have now convinced myself to put it out there because every time I hear peoples view of God and criticizing other religions and faiths my soul wants to cry because of the injustices we do the real Power Source namely the power we call God.


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