A factor which holds us back to employ all our abilities. Shyness, indecisiveness, hesitation, fear and many more are characteristics of low self-confidence. It is a stumbling block towards achieving the best you can be. It robs one of the opportunities for success and achievement. Make a social life uncomfortable because of fear and shyness.

Low self- confidence breeds hesitation which breeds indecisiveness which leads to mistakes. How many mistakes have you made or opportunities lost due to hesitation. Think what your live could have been and the success you could have achieved if you did not hesitate at certain moments in time. Decisiveness is required if opportunities are to be maximized. Life waits for no one so if you are not ready to take action every moment of your life, life opportunities might pass you by. Be ready to face life challenges whenever required. For that, your self-confidence has to be maximized. Do not hesitate or wait because life waits for no one.


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