Most of us believe we know ourselves but when confronted with the facts of life we discover how little we know ourselves.

The other day I had the pleasure to address final year students who were busy preparing themselves to enter the game of life. Life is the arena where we perform with our own equipment and where we are gladiators trying to survive the odds. Some of us are ill prepared, some just survive and others out perform the odds. When I start to ask questions about how prepared are they, I received different answers like I know what I want and what to do to I am not sure and hope for the best. The latter are the ones who will eventually battle life and most will lose, because they do not know themselves and what life expects from them. To tackle life unprepared is a risk we take because life is so unpredictable and if we tackle it unprepared we will most of the time come short.

With the training and experience I have, I created a consultancy to help those who are ill-prepared. The first thing I normally assist with is to find yourself, to know yourself and to realize what you are are capable of. If the latter is not known you cannot prepare yourself fully to face life with all its challenges. Unfortunately, you will make more mistakes and failure will haunt you down. Many a life was ended because life became too much. Many a potential was wasted because individuals did not know their abilities and how to change them into functional capabilities which serve them best. The worst situation which can confront us is uncertainty about what we are capable of. It normally causes fear and panic which are the worst weapons to battle life. Fear is the mother of all preventions and panic is the mother of all irrational action. The two together spell disaster and failure. I have been in this position many times when I was still trying to find myself. I have lost golden opportunities and cost major booboos. Instead of being myself, successful and happy I had an underlying fear which has haunted me for decades. Since I have confronted and discovered myself I was a stressed wreck. Today I am a confident consultant who can assist others to get out of the hell whole we land in when our self-confidence, self-worth, and self-image is low. Sucking the hind tit is the worst life can offer. You are always in a cage If you are looking through the cage framework and you see others enjoy life then you realize that you are a prisoner of your own making. To escape that prison you have to find yourself and your abilities to learn how to swim with others in the mainstream of life. I can and will help if you let me and I can assure you it is worthwhile. I was in life’s prison for a long time but now I am free and know how to battle life without sinking. You can too but it is up to you.



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