The Guarantee


Life is a playground which offers all of us a chance to play our own game with our own abilities gave us. We cannot change our abilities we can just shape them into capabilities. The latter determines that we must not allow anything standing in our way to sharpen our abilities to the maxima. We cannot be what we are not capable of. The saying that you can achieve anything you set your mind too, is the greatest fallacy ever seen the light. If you have no abilities to become a great mathematician you will never be one. The Bible said we have to have water carriers, sweepers, and the lower level of individuals. However, it also speaks of the bright and the intelligent while most of us are in the middle. The sooner you accept your limitations and ability to achieve the better you are. Envy to be someone else is wasting valuable time to be yourself. Sharpen what you have and be the best you can be. That will give your life purpose and meaning. Happiness comes from within and if you always desire to be someone else you will never be happy because you do not develop you. Never achieve what you are not capable of because it will bring a lot of failures and if you cannot handle failure you will get lost. If you develop yourself within yourself success will be part of your life and success breeds success. The more you are successful the better your life will be and the happier you will be. Ground yourself in your own abilities and you will have an unshaken foundation to build on. Use God as your foundation and you be on top of the world.
Never ignore your weaknesses because they will drag you down if you do not manage them.

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