What do our attitude tells the world we are living in? Are we seen as a dynamic, go-getter, observant and someone who displays an attitude who others admire and respect?. Or are we the opposite not even noticed by others! Do you look in the mirror and are well pleased with what you see and admire or are you one of those who always wishes you could have been better, do better and receive the respect others do. Do you admire others and downgrade yourself? Life is not fair but life gives us an opportunity to improve ourselves while playing on the world stage. Practice makes perfect but the how is sometimes the problem. The real problem is to identify the problem and determine what steps should be taken to resolve the problem. How many of us walk every day with a bag full of problems but refuse to make it known or do something about it. We rather carry on with the burden we drag with us, instead of getting rid of the burden. We are famous to give others advice but refuse to take personal advice. Personal burdens are heavy burdens and over time it wears you down. I have assisted someone with a guilt complex recently and the person was on his way to commit suicide because he was unable to carry the burden of guilt any longer. It took a while for this person to realize that what he was carrying inside was not due to his doing but due to circumstance beyond his control and once we have identified the cause the problem was visible for treatment. It will take a while to eradicate the problem completely but at least the person realized that his life can continue instead of ending it. How long can we carry heavy personal problems before it catches up with us? In the meantime we suffer, have little success, happiness and a lot of stress.

It is up to ourselves and we owe it to our self to get rid of our peronal baggage which rob us from enjoying life.


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