Left or RIGHT

depositphotos_56600193-stock-photo-confused-man-with-angel-andToday we have entered a digital stage of communication. Two individuals sit next to one another and they communicate by cell phone. On the internet of cell phone we find individuals who became investigator, prosecutor, judge and jury if they believe they have experince something they do not like or which they from their perspective think is wrong. Long before someone has been accused of a crime the social media has already had the trail and they decide whether an individual is guilty or not. Many individuals who have been accused in social media have been crusified long before our courts could establish guilt or not. Such individuals sometimes suffer to proof their innocence because courts and our law system have been influence to take a stand. Once they have arrested an individual social media is driving the case. What a shame and what has the world come to. People attack one another on social media without having the full story or the facts to take a stand. If you are to the right of the spectrum decisions are taken about everything that seems left and is attacked accordingly. The same with far left individuals. Facts and circumstances are determined by the mindset of those who take up the issue. Where are the days that discussions between parties establish the facts and then action is taken.

Where are you in this social media communication or are you also influenced by the media to spill your guts whether correct or not. Are you a social critic or are you looking for the facts not withstanding your opinion or background? I sometimes wonder what would happen if someone had the power to enlighten whoever criticize something on the spot. Media houses which thrive on gossip will lose their power and the world will probably  return to some normality again.


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