depositphotos_56600193-stock-photo-confused-man-with-angel-andOne of the most common and restricting processes in life is the constant uneasy feeling that plagues us day in and day out. This feeling is embedded in the fertile soil of self- doubt. Self doubt has three very important brothers namely lack of self-confidence, lack of good self-image and self-worth wich are all enemies of a happy and successful life. This prohibits us to be decisive and self doubt prohibit us from opportunities whic past us by. A friend of mine over a braai told me the other day of all the financial profitable opportunities which he let go because of self-doubt. A friend of him asked him a few years back to buy a piece of land in a development on the coast but was too scared and he let go of the opportunity. His friend found someone else and three years later the piece of land was bought by a developer for a business center development. His friend made three million rands on the deal. I quote this example because we have similar and other opportunities every day and those who are comfortable in themselves and know how to make decisive and calculate decisions reap the rewards while those hesitant individuals miss out. Life is sometimes what we make of it and individuals with self- confidence and bad self-image problems go through life with this uneasy feeling inside of them. They feel unfulfilled because they know they possess better abilities but is hesitant to employ them fully. I myself had struggle for many years with similar problems untill I faced them head on and today I am a totally different person. I am a successful life coach who is able to give advice and assistance to those who need it. You do not have to carry the uneasy burden all your life. Acknowledge it and do something about it and your life will change for the better

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