I have discovered that all these  website builders are only interested in building sites and get paid for it. Site monotization experts seems to be non excistant. As one website engineer put it if you can obtain the skills to monetise a blog or a website for someone untill it makes money you will be in such a demand that you will not be able to handle all the work. These people are like gold not available to veryone and if you can find them you will pay through your neck. They always maintain it is easy and now this engineer advises me it is far from easy because eventually most people give up because when they are send from pillar to post, paid a lot of money and get so frustrated that they want to kill the cat they have already lost interest. I am trying for two years and still I am told to read this and that which does not make sense to me. Monetizing a blog or website seems to be elusive for me. Where do one go from here?depositphotos_56600193-stock-photo-confused-man-with-angel-andSelf Doubt

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