The BrainScientist have finally discovered that a child’s brain commence with wiring the moment conception is completed. This entails as the fetus develops the brain develops which entails that a fetus experience its surroundings from day one. Anything the environment does to influence the brain, negatively or positively comments the moment conception has been completed. This continuous until hundred and forty days after birth when the wiring is completed. What is screwed up or built during this period is final and very little can be done to change same at a later stage. The role the parents play during this period is therefore vital re the development of the child. Everything that goes wrong will be featured at a latter stage.

We are not always aware that we are the cause of some of our children’s weaknesses which once caused have little chance of rectification later on. Once the brain is wired in a certain way it remains the same and very little can be done to change it later. Children our most precious possessions determine the future of us and the planet we live in and if the are screwed up we have in most cases ourselves to blame.

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